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All carpets are thoroughly treated with deodorants and disinfectants.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Our cleaning materials leave no sticky residue or unpleasant odors. When All Clean has cleaned your carpets, you will benefit from long-lasting results that will continually light up your face with a smile. Don’t settle for anything but the best.

While we recommend at least once a year and restore your carpet to its original state. We offer you the following professional specialist services for all your carpets:

Hot Water Extraction

Of course, the above cleaning methods have to be applied with the expertise and care so that no unnecessary irreversible damage is caused to your carpets. All our carpet cleaning agents are self-neutralizing so that no unpleasant residues and odors remain after treatment.

All Clean has the perfect equipment to apply the gentle mechanical and suction action that removes even the most ingrained dirt and stubborn stains.

Hydra Master CDS 4.6

The industry’s favorite van powered system, chosen by independent operators and national franchises. The CDS Overdrive is unmatched. New power train and drive technology has boosted vacuum performance by 25%, while lowering gas consumption 25% to 30%. Operation costs are reduced! New recovery tank and vacuum breaker designs have further increased usable airflow for dramatically improved water recovery. Carpets are left cleaner and drier!

Why Choose All Clean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning?

We are a dedicated family owned business who realizes the customers come first before anything else. We take pride in everything we do and work with you to give you the best possible price to help stay within your set budget. We clean offices, houses, and industrial sites. You name it we clean it.

We offer full time carpet care cleaning service 6 days a week.